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Hello, once again! On tonight’s weekly update you will enjoy an amazing scene starring our sexy Nikita Bellucci. This beauty will give a lesson called: how to share. She will take turns on a hard tool and will double blow this lucky dude together with her hot gf. Sit back and enjoy another amazing threesome fuck session from Explicite Art. Trust me, these two chicks will do some things there you never thought they are able of doing them, so get ready to be amazed and to get a nice big boner, also.

On this hot scene, these two chicks will give this lucky bastard the experience of his life. The party started as the lips were spread, Nikita Bellucci and her gf wrapping they lips around that cock, sucking on it until it was nice and wet and ready for their cunts. They will go all the way to the balls with those wet talented tongue while massaging the balls. Then Nikita hops on top of this dude, riding and fucking that cock wildly while her gf puts her pussy on his face, demanding him to eat that cunt. They definitely know what they are doing and there is nothing better than sitting back and watching a professional fuck session. Our stud will end up by giving the what they craved the most: to ghetto gag a big fat cock! And that will be their dinner for tonight!


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Hi there and welcome! Tonight is the night you will enjoy a very special Nikita Bellucci porn update. This hungry babe is experiencing her first interracial fuck and you just got front row seats on that show. Nikita will moan loudly in pleasure when that immense cock will stuff her tight pussy and this will make her even more desirable. This kind of update simply cannot be missed.

When she found out that she will have an interracial scene, Nikita was more then trilled because is one of those things she always dreamed of doing it. You will see her pretty anxious to put her slutty little mouth on that huge cock. So after she heartily sucked on that cock, wrapping her nice lips all around it and going all the way to the balls with her wet tongue, she bended and offered her cunt for hammering to this horny tooled stud. Sit back and enjoy her wanting him deep inside her and waiting bended down for that huge dick to stuff her pussy. She will demand a balls deep hammering and you will see her moaning very loud in pleasure. This dude holds long enough to jump up and spray hot cum all down the back of her throat. If you;re looking for similar hardcore sex material, you can watch this Lily Carter gallery! Have fun!


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Nikita’s Hot Ass

Hello there and welcome once again! I know that you were waiting for another hot update starring your favorite porn star, that’s why tonight you will have the chance to drool on some incredibly hot settings presented by sexy Nikita Bellucci. This amazing babe will feet up our eyes with some incredible outdoor pics where she is exposing her big fine ass almost naked, wearing only her matched bra and tongue and those tall boots.

This superb woman definitely enjoys to tease us with her hotter and hotter updates and being the center of attention is one of her favorite things. Even if, with a body like hers, that is not a hard thing to achieve. Anyway, after watching this update, you will love her body even more, especially because she show us that sexy big tattoo she got. That big booty will be also expose and she will spread her round buttocks just for our entertainment. Your penis is going to go crazy after watching this, so, without any more delays, sit back and enjoy Nikita Bellucci! And if you wanna see the whole collection, cum inside our website. Also you can visit the blog and watch another beauty posing naked for the cam!


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It is time for another amazing scene starring sexy Nikita Bellucci. This time she found herself two of the craziest fuck partners: a smoking hot hungry babe, who is looking just like sexy Mandy Saxo, and a horny sexy stud. The three of them will engage themselves in this hot threesome sex scene, giving each other a special treatment. No inequality will be made, so sit back and get ready to assist to one of the hottest and sexier scene starring two chicks and a guy in this 3way fuck from Explicite Art.

There is nothing better than sitting back and enjoy two cock-thirsty hot babes double blowing one down on their knees with their round boobs all naked, wearing only some sexy black stockings and their high heels. This is how our chicks started this scene. After wrapping their nice lips all around that cock and got it nice and wet, they took turns on riding it fast, like two horny sluts. But they also took care of each other, meaning that if one of them was enjoying the dick shoved deep inside her, she had to lick on other’s clit, just to make sure that she will also enjoy the fuck. This dude sure likes to fuck Nikita’s gf from behind, but with an ass like that, who can blame him? They will finish him by sucking once again on that cock, waiting in the end for the cum with their mouths wide open. Have fun watching and see ya all next week!


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Dildo Fucking Outdoor

Hi there, my friends! On tonight’s hot update you will enjoy a outdoor scene starring sexy Nikita Bellucci. She will pleasure her dripping pussy  under the ray of sun, on the side of the pool. This hot brunette will tease us once again with her amazing scenes, also exposing that perfect body all naked, bragging around with her perky curves and those perfectly round boobs.  Sit back and get ready to drool!

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Good evening and welcome! It is time for another hot scene starring your favorite porn star, Nikita Bellucci. This sexy babe will entertain us with a crazy hot threesome fuck session, because a girl like her isn’t afraid of enjoying a good sex session when she has the chance to have one. This time she found herself two studs who will her her every hole and will end satisfied, finally. She adores getting fucked by two cocks at the same time, just like slutty Mia Magma!

Nikita’s thirst for hard cock brought her in the middle of this crazy threesome. These two men are two crazy horny studs who will fuck her roughly, having no mercy for her fuck holes. She will go deepthroat from one cock to another, having her talented tongue fucked big time. After making sure that these cocks are wet and hard enough, she will bend all the way down and one of the guy will stuff her pussy balls deep while our Nikita is sucking once again on the other dick. He sure likes to fuck her doggy, but with an ass like hers, who can blame him? After she rides fast on those tools, Nikita will get the dose of cum that she deserves. And she definitely enjoyed swallowing that big massive amount of semen. Enjoy them! And do not forget to cum back next week for fresh content starring your favorite Nikita.


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Hello there, guys and girls! Welcome to another Nikita Bellucci porn show. Your favorite brunette is about to enjoy a crazy sex session and you are going to have front row seats on that show. This is the perfect night for you to watch a rough fisting scene starring two of the hottest chick from porn industry, so sit back and get ready to drool.

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Interracial Orgy

Hi there, once again and welcome! On tonight’s special update, your favorite porn star,  Nikita Bellucci will entertain us with a crazy hot sex scene from an interracial orgy. We all know now that Nikita is a hungry for cock slut ad will grab anything it crosses her path, but this time she had the luck to fond herself in the middle of a orgy, together with three of her gfs and 3 huge black cocks. I think that this is the Paradise for our Nikita Bellucci.

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